A Rental Website That Really Works


Let your customer book available cars/equipment online

Allow your rental clients to book their cars or required plants online via selecting the location, pick-up, and return date/time.

  • Save lots of time on explaining the availability of items.
  • Let clients know which vehicles are available using the custom filter.
  • Get all your activities promoted so that everyone knows the newest offers you have for them. Get the attractive offers highlighted through all the pages.

  • Save your and your client’s time with online registration
  • Send automatic notification
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork & staff workload
  • Secures your reputation as a legitimate business
  • Get notified when your vehicle/ equipment return date is closer or expire along with any urgent information that needs to be updated on the website.

    Get your contracts signed online with the integrated e-sign feature to your website, along with your business’s teams and conditions.

    Why ERP / CRM is Important ?

    • Your customer do booking on your website and register (Create profile / upload documents). Access data in the CRM. Reduce staff workload.
    • It allows you to connect with your potential and returning customers by updating them with new or latest promotions of your business.
    • Create Invoices and manager payments.
    • It is more cost-effective for small businesses as they dont have many resources or a lot of capital.
    • It provides a platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention level.