We offer comprehensive Property Rental Management Solutions

Rentaaa is designed to efficiently manage both residential and commercial properties. Whether you own apartments, houses, retail spaces, or offices, our system provides seamless tools to simplify your property management tasks, from tenant screening and lease tracking to maintenance and financial reporting.

Commercial Rental Property

This includes office spaces, sub-office spaces, cabins, that are leased to businesses or individuals for commercial activities.

Residential Rental Property

This includes houses, apartments, townhouses, and other living spaces that are rented to individuals or families for residential purposes.

Single Room Rentals

This includes the leasing of individual, self-contained rooms within a larger property.

What we do?

Why Choose us

Rentaaa provide - All in one solution for your property rental business.

  • Save more than $2000 every year

  • Automate the manual Process

  • Get on demand support service

  • Get the User - friendly interface.


Our Packages for Property Rental Business

Choose Your Ideal Package: Tailored Software Solutions to Suit Your Needs. Explore the detailed service breakdown in each package, empowering you to make an informed choice that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

1.1 % of rent


2.2 % of rent


Provide direct debit option for payments
Prepare the lease contract
Manage your document
Perform a property inspection
Provide Dedicated Manager
Payment follow ups
Handle upkeep(Maintenance) and repair
Onboard a tenant
Gather Rental bond
Monitor revenue and cost
Generate the tenant invoices
Receive rental payments
Carry out the periodic inspection
When you haven't found the tenant yet.

$59 / Monthly

Showcase your property
Gather leads
Organize application
Prepare your lease
Onboard a tenant
Perform a property inspection
Gather Rental bond
Monitor revenue and cost
Generate the tenant invoices
Receive rental payments
Handle upkeep(Maintenance) and repair
Carry out the periodic inspection
Secure your documents
Integrations that help your application breathe!
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Additional Services

Elevate your living with our rental business's array of additional services, ensuring comfort and convenience beyond expectations.

Introducing Our Hassle-Free Support Service for Property Maintenance

Our specialized service takes the stress out of property management by efficiently finding responsible tenants for your vacated property.

Introducing Our Comprehensive Property Matchmaking Service

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your property remains a comfortable and well-maintained space.

Our top-notch service

Room Leasing Service

  • Free for Property Owner

  • Get payment done through Direct debit

  • 2% transaction fee applies to tenent


Most common question about our services

How does Rentaaa work for self-property management?

Rentaaa is an automated property management software that streamlines property listing, tenant management, and financial transactions, enabling property owners to efficiently manage their rentals.

"In Self-managed Property Rental business,

Plan 1:

It is free for Tenant and we just take only 2.2 % transfer charge on regular rental payments from Property Owner.

Plan 2:

It is free for Property Owner and we just take only 1.2 % transfer charge on regular rental payments from tenant.

In Room Rental business,

It is free for Property Owner and we just take only 2 % transfer charge on regular rental payments from tenant."

By leveraging the expertise of Rentaaa and utilizing platforms like, you can showcase your property to a wide audience of interested individuals. Our comprehensive approach to listing and promoting your property will help you achieve your real estate goals effectively

No, There is no contract. Rent with Freedom, No Contracts Needed.
Rentaaa Software puts the power of choice back in your hands. Contract-Free Rentals and Customer Satisfaction! With Rentaaa Software, it's all about providing the best rental experience without needing contracts.

Yes, We do provide support services. Rentaaa's customer support is committed to prompt issue resolution, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your rental business runs efficiently with their reliable software, backed by responsive and effective assistance

Rentaaa offers a streamlined and efficient process to help you advertise your property on these reputed websites. Here are the websites where we advertise your property.