Payment Solution

 Our advanced technology and diverse payment solutions ensure seamless operations in your business.
Whether you opt for Direct Debit or Pay To, relaxation assured, we offer a reliable and stable fee experience. 

Let your customer choose the way they like to pay

We operate using the highest standards of data security and encryption, while complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS). On top of that, we’re also authorized and regulated by various financial market supervisors.

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Safe and secure

Rest assured, we’ll never share your details or disclose your payment methods with third parties.

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Local Support

Our local support team is dedicated to providing tailored support for your rental software needs.

Safe & Secure Environment

RentAAA uses a safe and secure payment system with the latest technology and security solutions. We make your data and security our top priority.

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3D Secure Authentication

Ensure your customer's identity is authenticated prior to purchase, while maintaining a smooth checkout process.

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Network Tokenisation

Minimize customer hassle and declined transactions by enabling automatic updates when a card expires or is reissued, all at no extra charge.

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Fraud Management

Minimise fraud with machine learning capabilities.

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Local Support

100% Australian owned, with same day support from a dedicated team.

Type of Payments

Flexible Payments Made Simple: Explore the ease of Direct Debit, PayTo, Credit & Debit Cards.

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Initiate real-time payments from your customers’ bank accounts while reducing credit card fees and fraud.

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Direct Debit

Setting up recurring or subscription payments gives you better control of payments coming into your business. Perfect when customers need to pay you in regular intervals such as weekly or fortnightly.

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Credit & Debit Cards

Accept payments from your customers via credit or debit cards.

RentAAA Payment Solution

RentAAA's Payment solution enables quick and effective online payment processing for your business, supporting various popular payment methods prevalent in your region. Our payment system is designed to streamline payments, making the payment process easier for your customers while reducing the back-office workload for your team.