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Work Process

Step by step automation
to eliminate manual time consuming tasks

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Search & Book

Your website, Kiosk, POS, QRCode or a unique link. All from same database. No overlapping, quick & easy.

Customer Onboarding

Let customer enter all data and upload documents for you.


On the spot payment from bank card or bank account.

Accommodation Inspection

Dititalize start and end of term inspections. No more paper based report. Easy record keeping.


eSign Contract and sell additional services. Group emails for quick updates.

Ongoing Support

Reduce customer support phone calls. Use our bots to answer your customer basic queries.

Reoccuring Payment

Let direct debit collect your ongoing payment and sort your payments.

Maintenance Requests

Unique QRCode ID for any request from your customer.

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Save over 80%

Rentaaa support accommodation managers to save 80% management time

In last three years, we work very closely to accommodation managers to develope a product that meet there requirements. We haven't left any page unfolded.

Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during growth.

Our product is unique and verstile. We are a team sittng behind to support you to control your business effectively and economically.

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Mobile app that Make your
‘Business’ Smoother

Our mobile app, helps you manage your rental transactions easily.

  • Customer App
  • Manager App
Why Choose Us

We are here to serve A to Z of your business requirements

During the developement, we work very close to our client requirements. Where ever we find the pain, we created unique remedy for that.

  • Mobile App & easy to use platform
  • Tailored integration with payment systems
  • CRM
  • ID & credit Checks

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