Maximize Your Time with RentAAA

Slash Property Management Time By 70%

RentAAA brings you the most streamlined, stress-free way to handle everything from bookings to maintenance. With automated tools that simplify booking, payment collection, and inspections, you can focus more on growth and less on grunt work.

Seamless Integrations

Fits perfectly into your current operations.

Effortless Compliance

Stay on top of regulations without the headache.

Dedicated Support

Our team is always ready to help you optimise your use of RentAAA.

Transform your property management today. Spend less time on tasks and more on tenant satisfaction.

Work Process

Step by step automation
to eliminate manual time consuming tasks

RentAAA is designed to meet the specific needs of accommodation managers and empower them to thrive in their businesses.

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Search & Book

Your website, Kiosk, POS, QRCode or a unique link. All from same database. No overlapping, quick & easy.

Customer Onboarding

Let customer enter all data and upload documents for you.

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On the spot payment from bank card or bank account.


Digitalize the accommodation inspection checklist. No more paper based report. Easy record maintenance.

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Tolls & Fines

No more tolls & fines manual handling. Our AI will support you with this terrible job.

Ongoing Support

By offering timely assistance via multiple channels such as phone, email, and live chat.

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Recurring Payment

Let direct debit collect your ongoing payment and sort your payments.


Automate maintenance scheduling and reminders to ensure optimal condition of an inventory.

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Ready to Transform Your Property Management?

Let's Simplify Your Rental Operations

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to more free time and happier tenants.

Boost Your Property Management Game with RentAAA

Tailor-Made Efficiency Just for You

Elevate your property management to the next level with RentAAA. Crafted from years of close collaboration with property managers like you, our solution cuts your management time by up to 70%.

Whether you're overseeing long-term rentals, shared spaces, or student housing, RentAAA is designed to make your job easier.

Everything You Need in One Place

Tailored To Perfectly Fit Your Business

At RentAAA, we understand that managing a rental business isn't just about handling transactions; it's about creating seamless experiences for you and your customers. We work closely with you to ensure our software meets every need from A to Z, removing the hassle from your daily operations.

  • Mobile App

    A user-friendly platform at your fingertips.

  • Payment Systems Integration

    Seamless transactions every time.

  • CRM

    Keep your customer relations sharp and efficient.

  • ID & Credit Checks

    Quick, secure, and integrated right into your workflow.

Dive into a world where business management is streamlined, intuitive, and adapted to your specific needs.

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Streamline Your Rentals with the RentAAA App

Manage On The Move

Simplify how you manage your rental business with the RentAAA app. Whether you're handling payments, updating bookings, or conducting inspections, our mobile app brings everything into the palm of your hand. Designed for both renters and managers, RentAAA makes rental management smoother and more efficient than ever.

Instant Access

Available now on iOS and Android. Download today and take control.


Navigate your rental operations with an intuitive interface that makes every transaction straightforward.

Powerful Tools

From payment processing to vehicle inspections, manage every aspect of your business with just a few taps.

  • Renter App
  • Business App