Toll Management

Simplify Your Toll Management Experience with RentAAA : Navigate Every Journey Smoothly

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Toll Management Support

RentAAA offers a combination of technologies and techniques to help you centrally manage toll operations and above all enhance road safety for a better expressway experience.

Once you’re signed up with RentAAA, all your customers need to do is register on our online portal before renting a car. Customer must provide payment method and accept our terms and conditions to be charged for tolls.

  • entry imageNo More Pending Tolls
  • entry imageNo More Unpaid Tolls
  • entry imageNo More Late Penalties
  • entry imageMultiple Management options
  • entry imageReduce management time by 90%

Pay As You Go

Simplify toll payments in an easy and efficient way! Just authorize us to pay your tolls on your behalf and provide a payment source with a minimal management fee.

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Automate tolls

Experience seamless journeys with our automated toll payment integration. Effortlessly track toll charges, process payments, and access real-time reports.

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No pending tolls

Eliminate the hassle of pending tolls with our car rental software. Our automated toll management feature ensures all toll charges are promptly processed, leaving no pending tolls for you or your customers.

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Toll Forwarding Service

Say goodbye to toll hassle! If you have received tolls by mail, just scan all your tolls into one file and leave the rest to us. No sorting needed! We'll handle everything from there, charging only a Management fee and Declaration fee. Simplify your toll management today!

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Reduce processing time

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No late payment charges