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To provide a dedicated service to our clients, we are integrate with other platforms. You can use that suits to your requirements.


Automated Invoicing

Automatic invoice processing is a technology that offers time-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes by taking care of invoice processing from the moment it is created.


Direct Debit

Direct debit is the most economical way of collecting reoccuring payments automatically.


E-Sign Contract

E-Sign is an online digital signature service that enables digitally signing documents. No more printing.


Compliance & Payment Alerts

Get regular alerts for payment and set other compliance related alerts for your business.

SMS & Email

Group SMS and Emails

Send E-mails and SMS to clients with the click of a button.


Online Customer Onboarding

Let your customer enter all information themself and upload document.


Visa / Mastercard

You can charge your client from there debit and credit cards online.


Accounting & GST Reporting

Control all your GST reporting and accounting with ease by adding it to our system.


Data Export

Export data anytime, anywhere. Use PDF? Rather use Excel? We provide any format you may need.

Website Builder


We can create a website and customer can search available items and book online.


Most common questions about our services

Types of payment methods compatible used by Rentaaa

The software uses PayTo, Direct Debit, and Credit and Debit Cards. Transaction fees will vary according to the payment method.

No, there is no contract. You can leave the app anytime.

No. You can register, without entering your credit card details.

Yes, we do facilitate invoices to third parties.

Indeed, we provide access to a work diary and support service through both the mobile app and web app interfaces. For any inquiries related to Rentaaa, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected].

Yes, we offer a 1-month trial free period.

Yes. Rentaaa provides a custom contract feature for merchants. The setup of the contract may vary based on the plan you choose for your business.

We offer all-encompassing solutions for your rental business, with a comprehensive suite of software that allows you to manage all aspects of your rental business in one place

Here are key features of Rentaaa:

  1. eSign Contract Management
  2. QR check-in support
  3. Accident reporting
  4. Inspection and Maintenance
  5. Payment Method (Direct Debit)
  6. Virtual Assistance

Certainly, we provide tailored templates to our clients. Please explore our portfolios of custom website development, on our website builder page.

Yes, we presents an API option for rental websites. For additional details, visit our API integration page and contact us via email at [email protected].

Designed to cater to rental businesses of any size, adapting to evolving company requirements.

In Rentaaa, the software operator can create a booking in many ways.

  1. Operators can create bookings through the mobile app and web application.
  2. Customers can create a booking using a QR code, company website or webstore link.

To establish a direct debit facility, please contact at [email protected]

Certainly, the software supports property rental managers in efficiently managing both residential and commercial properties.

Yes, our operators can upload their additional terms and conditions from the mobile app and web application.

An invoice will be issued at the end of each month and you can make payment using a bank card or direct debit.



Years of Experience

Is something still missing?

If you need something we are not doing, we will get it done for your. Team of our professional developers always available to take next task. Contact our business development manager today. We can meet your business goals and requirements.

Migrate your existing data
On-demand Create New custom portal/s
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