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Toll Management Support

How It Works

Once you’re signed up with RentAAA, all of your customers must register on our online portal before renting a car. Customer must provide payment method and accept our Terms and Conditions to be charged for tolls. We offer two services to meet your toll requirements.

Let Us Manage Your Tolls !!!

  • No More Pending Tolls
  • No More Unpaid Tolls
  • No More Late Penalties
  • Multiple Management options
  • Reduce management time by 90%

Toll Management Services

We offer 2 services to manage your tolls.


Pay As You Go

Fast, Easy and Efficient. Customer simply authorize to pay tolls on there behalf, and provide a source of payment to charge. A Toll Management fee is applied.

  • No pending tolls
  • Best Practice for industry

Toll Forwarding Service

If you received tolls by mail, all you need to do is scan all tolls in one file and upload the file to your account. Let us handle the rest for you. No need to sort the tolls. This option includes a Management fee and a Declaration fee.

  • Stop wasting your time
  • No late payment charges

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